Telecom companies operate in a complex business environment.
IVDA is here to un-complicate it creating an actionable tool to gain the edge and march in step with rapidly changing telecom market.
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Save time

Time is the most important resource we have. It is highly perishable.

Like sand, it slips through your fingers.

Vanish away, like dust in the wind.

Stop wasting time looking for new business opportunities. Join IVDA and exchange traffic with all the members of voice trading platform with just one interconnection.

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Optimize resources

Invoices Invoices Rates Rates Netting Netting Cash Flow Cash Flow Credit Risk Credit Risk

The smartest choice to face the current market situation is OPTIMIZE RESOURCES not to lose business.

OPTIMIZE means keep revenue and volumes from all kind of Telecom entities, concentrate all the administration, accounting and commercial efforts at a single point of Interconnection.


Get BETTER Quality

In today’s reality of blended routes, and price distorted Quality has become in something elusive and ephemeral.

IVDA shares with all members all the quality STATS, price history, and quality evolution to provide Quality History of all routes in the market significantly reducing the risk of quality fluctuations and technical issues.

Minimize risk

Wholesale voice business today is greatly affected by volume fluctuations, and most of industry players says Market is in CRISIS.

It happens due to change in behaviour on the traffic generation side, quality distortion and technical issues.

This is the moment to OPTIMIZE RESOURCES, putting efforts TO KEEP VOLUMES, AUTOMATE processes, REDUCE operational costs, and IMPROVE QUALITY management.
IVDA could help you to meet in this CHALLENGE supporting you in all these areas.

Grow your business

Rt Rr Or Iq O G I I Q Q ncrease uality R isk R educe G I O educe R T ime I G O I G R R O esources ptimize

Simple formula of business growth from IVDA.

Save time + Reduce risk + Optimize Resources + Increase Quality = Reinvented Business Environment

Welcome to a new business environment.

Simple, transparent and safe.

Shaping the Future of Telecom. TOGETHER.